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Discover the flavor, sensation and lifestyle of the authentic Chinese Tea workshops


Gongfu Cha

Known as the Chinese Tea Ceremony, Gongfu Cha is not just a tea ritual but a lifestyle. Gongfu Cha workshop will tell you why.


Oolong Tea

The best way to make Oolong tea is with Gongfu cha method. Explore the flavor, stories and health aspects at Oolong tea workshop


Pu-er Tea

With its profound history and unique tea making processes, there is so much to tell about Pu-er tea. The workshop is coming soon.

Online shop for Chinese tea and Teaware!

Visit the tea shop with an exclusive selection of premium quality of Chinese tea and the Teaware.


The making of Gongfu Cha is an art that has been perfected over many hundreds of years. The result is a relaxing and enjoyable environment alone or with friends and tea that tastes better than you’ve ever tasted before.


Chinese tea culture, a culture that is seeking the harmony between people and nature.


All of the human senses are pleased by the art of tea, which embraces the most basic elements of nature in a harmonious interplay of energies that produces the perfect cup of tea and establishes the perfect state of mind to appreciate its virtues.